Words from Pastor Karen

You who dwell in the shelter of the Most High, who pass the night in the shadow of
Shaddai, say: “YHWH, my refuge and my mountain fortress, my God, in whom I trust!”
3 For YHWH says: “I will rescue you from the snare, and shield you from poisoned arrows.
I will cover you with my pinions; under my wings, you will take refuge; my faithfulness will
shield you. You have no need to fear the prowlers of the night or the arrow that flies by
day, the plague that lurks in the shadows or the scourge that stalks at noon.”
Psalm 91:1-6 The Inclusive Bible

It has been a whirlwind of change these last few weeks. When the news of the COVID-19
the virus began to make the rounds in March we made changes to how the campus was
cleaned. I ordered individual communion cups in preparation for April. Staff cleaned
chairs, tables, and counters with a bleach solution. The news became grimmer. Worship
was canceled. Myra and I scrambled to learn how to Livestream the worship service.
(Think of Livestream like live TV back in the ’50s.) A shelter in place order was announced and we called study groups, recovery groups, and building renters to let them
know they were not allowed to meet in the church. I met with Base Camp & food pantry
leaders to discuss how to go forward with feeding those that are hungry. And each day
the news became more and more frightening. I rested in the knowledge of the promises
of Psalm 91.

Verse 4 reads “I will cover you with my pinions; under my wings, you will take refuge.” The
pinions of a bird are the outermost section of the wings. It is under the wings, under the
pinions where the fluffy, soft downy feathers may be found. Here is where YHWH calls us
to rest. In the coming days when the news is frightening, when you grieve from all you
have lost, when it seems there is too little hope, remember that under God’s wings we
find shelter.

Pastor Karen

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